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任双坡(博士研究生), 姚光庆等 资源学院构造与油气资源教育部重点实验室 Journal of Hydrology, 2018, Borehole characterization of hydraulic properties and groundwater flow in a crystalline fractured aquifer of a headwater mountain watershed, Laramie Range, Wyoming 2018-10-19
杨锐,何生* 等 资源学院构造与油气资源教育部重点实验室 AAPG Bulletin (2018), Wettability and connectivity of overmature shales in the Fuling gas field, Sichuan Basin (China) 2018-10-18
宋海军* 等 地学院/BGEG国家重点实验室 Science Advances,October 10,2018, Decoupled taxonomic and ecological recoveries from the Permo-Triassic extinction 2018-10-15
葛翔,沈传波*等, 资源学院 构造与油气资源教育部重点实验室 AAPG Bulletin, 2018, Petroleum generation timing and source in the Northern Longmen Shan Thrust Belt, Southwest China: Implications for multiple oil generation episodes and sources 2018-10-11
秦晅(博士研究生),蔡建超*等 地空学院 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Available online 24 September 2018, A fractal model of effective thermal conductivity for porous media with various liquid saturation 2018-10-08
代旭(博士研究生),宋海军* 等 地学院 BGEG国家重点实验室 GSA Bulletin(2018), Rapid biotic rebound during the late Griesbachian indicates heterogeneous recovery patterns after the Permian-Triassic mass extinction 2018-10-08
韦伟(博士研究生),蔡建超* 等 地空学院 FUEL, Available online 10 August 2018. Kozeny-Carman constant of porous media:Insights from fractal-capillary imbibition theory 2018-09-21
於世为,郑舒虹 等 经济与管理学院 Energy Economics, June 2018. China can peak its energy-related carbon emissions before 2025: Evidence from industry restructuring 2018-06-26
王灿发,谢树成*等 BGEG国家重点实验室/地学院 Quaternary Science Reviews, 2018, Holocene temperature and hydrological changes reconstructed by bacterial 3-hydroxy fatty acids in a stalagmite from central China 2018-06-11
王向东, 赵来时*等 GPMR国家重点实验室 Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Available online 6 June 2018. Mercury anomalies across the end Permian mass extinction in South China from shallow and deep water depositional environments 2018-06-08
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