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周高典(博士生),陈伟涛* 等,计算机学院. IEEE TGRS (2021), Split Depth-wise Separable Graph Convolution Network for Road Extraction in Complex Environment from High-resolution Remote Sensing Imagery 2021-12-04
张一鸣(博士生),David Naafs,黄咸雨* 等,生物地质与环境地质国家重点实验室. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta(2021), Variations in wetland hydrology drive rapid changes in the microbial community, carbon metabolic activity, and greenhouse gas fluxes 2021-12-03
孙嘉鑫,宁伏龙* 等,工程学院.Ocean Engineering(2021),Numerical analysis of horizontal wellbore state during drilling at the first offshore hydrate production test site in Shenhu area of the South China Sea 2021-12-02
陈略峰,吴敏*等,自动化学院. IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence (2021), Adaptive Feature Selection-Based AdaBoost-KNN with Direct Optimization for Dynamic Emotion Recognition in Human-Robot Interaction 2021-12-01
黄柳琴, 蒋宏忱* 等, 生物地质与环境地质国家重点实验室. Water Research(2021), Unconventional microbial mechanisms for the key factors influencing inorganic nitrogen removal in stormwater bioretention columns 2021-11-26
李嘉光等,资源学院. Earth and Planetary Science Letters(2021), Upstream migration of avulsion sites on lowland deltas with river-mouth retreat 2021-11-12
钟亚婷(博士生), 蒂姆·柯斯基*,王璐* 等, 地球科学学院/地质过程与矿产资源国家重点实验室/教育部长江三峡库区地质灾害研究中心.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS(2021), Alpine-style nappes thrust over ancient North China continental margin demonstrate large Archean horizontal plate motions 2021-11-01
杨博(博士生),胡祥云*等,地空学院. Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2021), Electrical resistivity imaging of continental United States from three-dimensional inversion of EarthScope USArray magnetotelluric data 2021-10-28
任双坡*等,资源学院. Water Resources Research (2021), Multiscale hydraulic conductivity characterization in a fractured granitic aquifer: the evaluation of scale effect 2021-10-27
郑威莉(硕士生),刘邓*,王红梅等,环境学院/BGEG国家重点实验室. Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2021), Transformation of protodolomite to dolomite proceeds under dry-heating conditions 2021-10-25
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